Rainbow’s End

I didn’t had a clue where this wine estate was. I know where Helshoogte is but never saw a sign that pointed out to Rainbow’s End …
The name sounds good to me, makes me happy as it suggest that there is a pot of gold!
So let’s chase our luck. I put on my high heels as I like to dress for the occasion…and that was not a very good idea…

As we take the turn-off named Zevenrivieren Road, I get the feeling that this is a relatively undiscovered area, the road meanders along Protea fields and old trees.
We follow the signs and go from the tared road onto a dirt road … a small river with lots of pebble stones is now on our left, a sight that makes the fairytale feeling complete.
Just before the entrance of the estate a lake mirrors the mountains and trees.
I can’t help it, but the feeling of love and beauty for nature is the only thing I can think off now….

We make a phone call so Rainbow’s End will open the gate. You can’t visit the estate without an appointment and that’s in my eyes a great advantage. The road is still going uphill … we park at the barn and a lovely lady greets us.
She asks if we are in a hurry…have other appointments? No way, I am half Africans after 10 years living here. We have all the time, we are relaxed.

“You are not Afrikaans by being born here, but because Africa is born in you”! So count me in…

“In that case”, she says: “we can do a full tour”… beginning at the barn where they press the grapes. We are with 4 persons and we hardly fit in, that’s all I want to say about it… because you have to have this experience yourself.
She tells us all about the variety of grapes and the pressing process something that is been done for centuries in the same way…
The fresh water they use comes from the natural spring which is situated on the farm.
The stories she is telling and information that’s she is giving to us, are flowing like wine, smooth and tasteful.
I can’t remember when I heard so much passion for South African wines and their terroir…

We walk through the garden, take some old stone steps … here the heels come in very inconvenient … because I have to see where I put my feet and I also like to see all the beauty that surrounds me.
The wisteria is blooming, the purple-blue flowers are forming a beautiful contrast with the mountains of Banghoek.
This cottage style English garden is gorgeous… we follow the little stream to where the spring arises that gives fresh and clear water. The Banghoek valley where the Cape leopard lives and where we at that moment spot two raptors flying high in the sky, what a majestic place.

Out of sight hidden in an old wall a door is opened. It shows a small wine cellar with French oak barrels. Damp and moisty is the place of gold at the Rainbow’s End  … nothing fancy … Like everywhere else only the best grapes are coming to yeast, ferment and bring some great wines to the table.

We walk up to the terrace and are invited in the warm and comfortable living room of the winemaker and owner, a room that also is used as a tasting room. I love the art that is living up the space and which is made by another member of the Malan family.
Time to taste their wines … today in the sun … enjoying the view. Listening to all the explanations, how they are able to make a ‘for everyone affordable’ Rosé and over indulging our taste buds with their reds… the Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.
The Malan family made a good choice, changing their fruit trees into vines … this is a little hidden gem, a world on its own. A secret garden and I am not sure if I want to share this place with everyone, so please only share with friends who really understand gorgeous places of perfect beauty.

Tips from the Winelands, Western Cape
By Zeelandhuys
Oktober 2015