Peter Falke Wines

This wine estate is definitely a must on Zeelandhuys. I adore the Cape Dutch style building, the modern design, their wines but maybe most of all … I love the atmosphere!

All kind of people gather together on their beautiful terrace, with on one side lounge couches and on the other side high tables with lots of parasols.

We love to sit here with the beautiful in full bloom flowering bougainvillea behind us and in front of us the gorgeous view to the Helderberg mountains … the smell of the roses and lavender… and the lush green grass full of the most colorful beanbags. It’s mostly the youth who flock together on the grass and they enjoy their wine really down to earth!

Your view will be interrupt by art and those who know wine bottles before screwcaps were there… they will recognize them as big corkscrews. The wines are lovely and one of my favorites for summer is their Blanc de Noir … but as it is the favorite of many they run out quickly and we switch easily to a slightly cooled pinot noir.

If you never been here before, I would suggest to start with a wine tasting. Enjoy all their wines and love the beauty of them when they swirl in your glass, being disturbed in their round by that crystal stripe that gives that extra oomph…

I expect we all have those days that you like to have a nice chat with your partner and if you are at home, it won’t happen because there is always something that you have to do.

So we make quite regularly the decision and drive to the end of our road and relax at Peter Falke, yes I agree … what an advantage that it’s so close by for us.

Other times it’s just nice to socialize and I will send a message around to friends “Let’s meet at Peter Falke for sundowners”.

It’s one of those few places which are open a little bit longer and they have some great cheese or meat platters, salads and sundowners snacks.

Just chat, sip and nibble your time away enjoying the changing colors on the mountain, the shadows getting longer and life getting better…realizing you found an amazing ‘new’ spot to come together with friends.

Tips from the Winelands, Western Cape
by Zeelandhuys
November 2015

Peter Falke Winery
Annandale road