Bartinney Cellar, Tasting Shed

It’s time to spread my wings and go a bit further than Stellenbosch center. I must be honest and say it’s almost unbelievable that we didn’t visit this wine estate before… as I wrote a long time ago already about this man spreading his wings on the mountain.
Asking myself is he leaving us … or just landing.

Another feathered friend, a sugar bird, also decided to enjoy this piece of heaven on earth and have a sip … sitting and drinking from the exuberant flowering yellow pincushion protea, using his long tail to balance.

Just being here I can understand where the art comes from … or understand it in my own way.
After arriving at this amazing wine estate, getting ‘blown out of my socks’ by the majestic impressive view, I feel like an angel watching from the sky looking for a place to land.
And I Think I found the best spot to put my feet back on the ground, the Bartinney Tasting Shed.

Walking towards it I needed my husband arm as I didn’t want to make a mind-blowing entrance, by stumbling down toward the entrance on my high heels. I don’t know why I always feel to dress up on farm like places, where it is definitely easier to come on ballerina’s. But once inside I was glad I made the effort… The owners and staff designed such a beautiful and comfortable place.
The bar is almost placed in the middle of the space, lots of art and wood and not to forget the 180 degree view … with a view over the fertile and beautiful Banhoek valley.
Our attention went to the staircase one on the indoor and another one on the outdoor. Curious as we are we walked up, entering a gorgeous lounge area where a cozy fire was burning…

In every way this is a great place to enjoy a good glass of wine and that’s what they have, splendid Wines made on a Mountain … and where do they better taste than between the vineyards, the soil that gave them their fruity and earthy tones…

When we visited the valley is cloudy, but even with this kind of weather and the pouring rain a bit later, it couldn’t spoil my day. Sipping from my MCC on the top deck, making pictures… saying oohs and aahs, wowing the clouds away, we had a great time.

Already planning our next time … a cellar tour with a wine tasting!

Tips from the Winelands, Western Cape
by Zeelandhuys
November 2015

Bartinney Private cellar
Helshoogte Pass