On a lovely public holiday, I decide to go to Kalk Bay with a friend. As we leave the farm in Lynedoch, we turn onto Baden Powell drive (R310). A road where reconstruction has been going on for a long time. In the near future, part of that road will be 4 lanes and along that part they are putting up streetlights, and there isn’t even a 100 meter in between them. This is something that irritates and fascinates me because we have a lot of problems with the electricity in our beautiful country. On the one hand they ask us to save electricity and on the other hand the government or municipality doesn’t seem to look further for other possibilities. In my opinion, they could place the streetlights further apart from each other, or better yet, use cat eyes. The ideal would be to get in contact with the Dutch designer ‘Daan Roosegaarde’ who works with  Glowing lines.
These glowing lines are in my opinion a great idea for South Africa, they attract solar energy from the f sunlight during the day …. and we have plenty of that.

For months now the whole country has a few hours load shedding almost every day , quite inconvenient for households without generators…or the problems they cause in traffic when robots (a.k.a. traffic lights) aren’t working and I won’t even mention the factory’s and offices who are dependent on electricity. Oh but my mind is wandering of, let’s go back to my daytrip!

The route is roughly 39.5 kilometers and that’s about 40 minutes in driving time. We travel behind Macassar and Kayelitsha and to our left  is the blue water of  False Bay… a beautiful stretch of sea and sand we are passing slowly…
In front and behind us there is a queue of cars with people who have also decided to go out for the day. We get the feeling that everybody is going to the Cape Peninsula. Closer to Muizenberg we start to worrythat there won’t be space to park the car, but after an hours drive, we easily find a spot.

Time for coffee…  we first walk into ‘Cape to Cuba’ a place where your feet disappear in soft beach sand, where the chairs are painted in different colors and the view is lovely and stretches over the ocean. The waiters are wearing Che Guevarre berets and the ceiling is covered with different kind of chandeliers…we decide that it’s much more a place to enjoy a cocktail than a coffee.

Kalkbay 27 april 154
We stroll along the boulevard, which is more a pavement, but I like to stay in the tropical sphere and so we arrive at the pier where the locals are looking for a spot at “Kalkkies”, the best Fish and Chips shop in town. It’s extremely busy so we decide to walk a bit further and have a look at the Harbour House restaurant. Just a look was the idea, because I’ve never been there and I must say…it’s definitely a spot to go back for a romantic dinner…agh what the heck going back, we decide to stay for lunch…! So we ask if there is a table available…”Yes” answers the lovely girl behind the counter, “Table 65 is free” and I decide to write it down, in case I will forget, and so I can find it again easily… because it turns out to be the best table in the restaurant…surrounded by glass and a stunning view…wow hey!


We don’t have to think long and choose for starters and mains seafood and a lovely glass of South African wine… my favorite a Chardonnay. We can’t stop talking about this beautiful spot and realize that on days when it storms the salty waters of the ocean will reach the windows… we immediately decide that we have to come back on a stormy day. We see seagulls catching Crayfish and the fleet of fishermen coming home with their catch for the day.

Completely relaxed, we walk along the pier where we see a lot of crates with lobster. A little bit further you can have your fish cleaned while you’re waiting and a sea dog is defending his territory and waiting for offcuts.

The day is coming to an end … and we slowly make our way back to the car and also do some shopping in the beautiful shops of Kalkbay. One by one the shops are closing and we go for coffee at ‘Lekker’.

Again a lovely spot where all kinds of people, young and old and of different nationalities come together. The bar is positioned in a way that you can either sit in or outside and the whole front glass wall is opened up so you are in contact with the street life as well….

What a pity that this gorgeous day in Kalkbay is already over …we are going home and an hour later my friend Hedwig sends me this beautiful picture of the day ending, to not forget  what an amazing country we live in and how special our friendship is!


Tips from the Winelands, Western Cape 
by Zeelandhuys