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There is a lot of information available about this lovely fisherman’s village, where in winter Walkers bay is the place to be for whale-watching . It has plenty of nice restaurants and even more holiday accommodations than you can imagine. It also has quaint little shops, a craft market and a cozy village center.

So when I decided to go a weekend away on my own, my husband suggested Hermanus. He would drop me of and because everything is so close by, you don’t need a car. The main purpose of some time on my own was to spend time writing…

As a regular visitor to Hermanus, we like to go there for long walks along Grotto beach with our dogs and to take our friends and family when they visit us, for a day out. Afterwards a nice lunch at Burgundy restaurant, where dogs are welcome and from where you have a lovely view on the ocean.
Auberge Burgundy, just on the other side of the street, is a place that always attracted my attention, so it was an easy decision to book my 2 night stay with them.

The place has a touch of the Provence, with the light blue shutters and all the staircases around the building with pots, olives trees and little café chairs everywhere. During the day you can find a spot in the sun or if you prefer a nice shady place under a tree or pergola next to a water fountain, it’s all there.
My room was on the front side in the middle of the house and had a French balcony, sun the whole day and… a view on the ocean. Winter is too cold to swim, but it was lovely sitting on the deck sheltered from that soft chilly bit of wind on Friday.

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For evening dinner I decided to go to Burgundy restaurant, just because I know the place and I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. The food was good and the cheese platter, that I had for lunch the next day on the terrace, was even better…or was it the combination of sitting in the sun, writing a bit, enjoying the view and the wine?

I enjoyed my walk along the cliff path, where you can have a rest to listen to the breaking of the waves and breathe in the fresh, crisp sea air. A place like Hermanus has a few very good fish restaurants, remember that not everything is open in winter. As I wanted to go for sushi I hopped over to the other side of the street took the staircase up and walked into Lemon Butta, it’s next to a street that stretches along the coast. So nothing wrong with the view and the sushi was really delicious.

Coming home to Auberge Burgundy, there was a welcoming fire and a nice glass of sherry or portwine in the small but cozy living room. The service was very good as I didn’t sleep so good the first night, they happily moved me to another room the next day, where the only thing that woke me up were the birds singing and bathing in the gutter and at the fountain….

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When my hubby fetched me on Sunday, we walked along the cliff path to Just pure Bistro for a lovely breakfast, I guess it’s a place where locals meet and it’s definitely worth a visit.

I quickly walked into the beautiful Hemingways Bookshop but without reading glasses I don’t see a thing and I didn’t find the time to go back.
If I had a car I would have driven up to Grotto beach for a walk and ‘kroketten’ at the Dutchies or go to  Hemel en Aarde Vallei for a nice lunch or wine tasting….

Coming from Cape Town, Somerset West area I would suggest that you take the R44 coast road. That road winds along the cliffs and gives you a beautiful view over the ocean, and you might be lucky enough to see a few dolphins or whales! You will also pass some lovely small villages, you have to go off the main-road to explore these little jewels. So take some time to travel, have coffee and make stops to take some gorgeous pictures to show of this scenic country!

Tips from the Winelands, Western Cape 
by Zeelandhuys