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For a moment I am back in 2005, it was our first Christmas in South Africa and I didn’t get the feeling of Christmas at all. Being in the country for just a month I didn’t know what to cook for dinner with these temperatures… I still hadn’t found my way around the shops yet, so we decided to go out and visit Spier Wine estate.

I remember us sitting around an old tall tree in the middle of Moyo, relaxing in the shade with friends.That tall tree is still an amazing feature, I think it’s even nicer now, standing strong and impressive in a kind of courtyard of grass, in between gorgeous Cape Dutch style gabled houses. An architecture that is far still my favorite and reminds me of living some years on a farm like this.

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Visiting now in 2016 we were surprised by the open space and the beauty of the old days. The idea was to go to the Werf Market… but there wasn’t a market. My fault… the event is only on the last Saturday of the month.

So we walked a bit around and spotted at the end of the lawn a nice terrace. The pastry from the bakery looks delicious and it made us decide to buy some nice coco cookies to take away… But not without making a plan for a visit next week!

The last Saturday of February it’s Harvest Market … waving flags between the trees, little stalls with beautiful stuff, delicious food and of course Spier wine. The atmosphere is great… people are dotted all over the place mostly in shady spots, their kids playing and running.

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Some youngster are Grape stomping and we hear them laughing.
On the lawn there are some big sacks filled with air lying around. They supposed to be a support for your back during a picnic on the lawn, if you can get your hands on them because the children do love to jump on these sacks.

If you are not so flexible or down to earth, there are enough tables in the shade or sun to enjoy a lovely Saturday. We found a table at The Hoghouse Bakery & Café with view on the market, enjoying a soft breeze on their shady terrace. We ordered some coffee with two ‘almost too nice to eat’ tartlets. They tasted as they looked ‘extremely lovely’, the staff was very friendly although we got a bit upset that the serving of our coffee took so long… but never mind… we will go back. Time was on our side … and you can’t be angry after a well-meant excuse.

Spier Market and Hoghouse

Every monthly Werf Market has a theme, I see that the next one is Easter. If you have kids visit the market as they have a lot of activities for them, but it’s never disturbing for those who don’t have little ones…
Those without children will enjoy the music and the gorgeous outlay…

Or they savor MCC ‘out of a Blikkie’, enjoying the good life, is just as easy as that and simple is in this case even more beautiful!



Tips from the Winelands, Western Cape
by Zeelandhuys
February 2016


Werf Market Spier
last Saturday of the month

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