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Opening up the curtains, I see that it’s a beautiful day to visit a market. This time we choose The Old Biscuit Mill market in Cape Town. Winter season is always good to go because there aren’t too many visitors as there are less tourist and the ‘swallows’ already flew back to Europe around Easter.
But today…what a mistake we made by thinking that… it is packed with people, which is good and nice, but the parking…that’s the problem.
But lucky as we are, we find a spot on the sidewalk not too far away from the old brick building. The parking guy helps us out with directions to park, asks 20 Rand for his services and all the while I am just thinking…I bet we have a parking ticket when we come back.

In the market, which is only there on Saturdays, there are beautiful leather bags, shoes, nice felt hats…scarves.  All sorts of good looking quality products on offer. At the first market stall I already see a really nice present for the ‘not yet, but could be any day now’ newborn granddaughter.

The old industrial building with the metal outside staircase houses a lot of small little shops and not the kind you see everywhere. Some shops even have the workshop in the back, quite arty I must say. There are also some nice places with modern furniture, really great big wooden tables and office stuff as well. It is also great that snapscan and electronic transfer machines also exist in South Africa.

Now back to the market spot… there was a band playing…mmm a bass and a violin – also something unusual for a market – and the words “Summertime” flow through  the air… on the melody of the smooth jazzy voice.

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Let’s find something to eat and drink and sit for a while. Oooh but that is easier said than done. My goodness…give me a country that isn’t there with a nice stand and lovely food.
Artisan bread, fresh Italian pasta, cocktails, sweet cakes, Indian curry, Argentine meat, Sushi, fresh Veggies, Yogurt with all kind of fruits, Spanish Paella…sorry my memory fails me, so please go see and find out for yourself…we just had a lovely ciabatta with mozzarella, fresh basil, pesto and tomato…and coffee from the Expressolab….

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We enjoy  the music, the winter sun and the great vibe, which is definitely created by the people who visit the market.
There is so much to see and to talk about….
And a great way to spend a few hours.  I am sure we will go again… a meet and greet at The Biscuit Market works for me!

Just a tip for if you are staying in Cape Town, take a cab… when leaving the market, there are a lot of chauffeurs (taxi cabs) waiting to take you wherever you want to go!

Tips from the Winelands, Western Cape 
by Zeelandhuys

The old Biscuit Mill
375 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915

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