Is there any place in the world where you can’t eat Sushi? I think it’s slowly taking over the fish and chips shops and maybe also ‘fast food’ restaurants. Can’t complain about that, as it is in my opinion much healthier. 
Years ago when we weren’t at all into Sushi, we had neighbors who took our son out for a sushi meal, seemed that he enjoyed this fancy food and that he finished a lot of those small black plates with colored dots on it… a code so you know what the price is.
I don’t know if that kind of Sushi places still exists because we visit these day’s just Sushi restaurants where they serve different platters and please don’t think we are getting snobbish nowadays.

We are very lucky to have some Japanese friends, besides that they are really nice and love South Africa as we do, she is also an amazing chef in the kitchen. If she visit’s you, there is always a tray of food accompanying her. Now I know of her love for great food, I give them all kind of tips for restaurants to visit, which I think they are up to their standards. I never heard her talking about sushi and by asking she shared her little secret that they never eat in Japanese restaurants outside of Japan.
So, what a surprise was it when she asked us to join them to go to “Takumi” in Cape Town.

So I google the restaurant: Takumi is a no-nonsense, unfussy Japanese dinner place offering the best sushi in Cape Town. Sushi, sashimi and tempura in a restaurant with contemporary bare walls and bamboo Japanese decor.
Hatsushiro Muraoka, also fondly known as Papa San, is the original founder of Minato’s in Buiten Street; a few years ago he sold the restaurant and returned to Japan. He tried to retire. But the pull of Cape Town’s stormy shores proved too strong. Now, a smiley around his 70’s, Papa San is still cooking in gleaming chef’s whites. About the food nothing than good…although some say the portions are too big… So I think let’s check that out!

Takumi is in the Cape Town district called: The Gardens. Parking is easy as there is a parking garage. 
We went for lunch in Winter season, that maybe explains that it was a very quiet Thursday. Our friends decided to sit outside… I loved the inside interior more, a bit more of the Japanese style, although I had expected to sit on the ground … more of a traditional furnishing.

We ordered the Bento box because we wanted some different styles of sushi and it was really difficult to make a selection from the menu, as most of the things were unknown to me. The Miso soup was delicious and I loved the tempura vegetables…the story that their sushi is big…that’s correct. But it wasn’t a problem to us, we enjoyed every bite…we ordered a coriander roll extra to share between the two of us, it was all delicious and super fresh!

Our Japanese friends were happy to bring us to Takumi, and I think we must definitely go back there with our son. This time, we will read the menu on beforehand at home, so we are a bit better prepared. A bit more adventurous would be good I think, we are so used to make safe choices…

Just around the corner is Kloofstreet, saw some lovely shops, but as always running out of time.Take that in mind when you plan to visit!

Tips from the Winelands, Western Cape
by Zeelandhuys