Live Bait

It looks like it’s going to be a tradition that my friend Hedwig and myself are going to Kalkbay when she is in our beloved South Africa.
In March, we went to “The Harbour restaurant” for lunch and when we walked out, we saw that the establishment downstairs was also turned into a restaurant. Today we are planning to check out that new spot.
So we drive ‘happily chatting’ along the beautiful coastline.

Enjoying the in every season, spectacular views of the ocean and the long stretch of abandoned beaches. In front of us is Table Mountain National Park closing in.

The new place is called “Live Bait” and we are extremely lucky, there is a table just at the window. The interior is white beach house style…and while we sit down there is an urge falling over me to lay down in the window seat …

There is only glass between you and the boulders, where waves are rolling over transforming into white foam.
Two fat seals are also chilling in the soft sunlight on those rocks. A couple of seagulls are flying, gliding on the thermic, making fun and snatching at each other’s fish.

We just want a nice small and tasty lunch, but going through the menu … it seems very complicated to make a choice… So we decide to take the main menu of prawns that we are going to share as a starter… and ‘fish and chips’ as a main. 
Oh and because we are already going for the unhealthy battered hake, we can order and feast on an ice-cream with hot chocolate sauce as well. That extra kilogram wouldn’t do harm anymore… sometimes it’s not about the good and healthy choices, but about taste and comfort.

It’s all about set rules of defiance today and that is just what women need sometimes …
We ask for a glass of Sauvignon blanc to complement the very fresh seafood because that fish must swim…
No water with the wine today as the prediction for the summer of 2016 is a water restriction and we don’t like to be part of that discussion.

Tips from the Winelands, Western Cape
by Zeelandhuys

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