So nice if you have friends who will ask you: “shall we go somewhere for lunch on Sunday”? That’s a question I can hardly resist. My brain is working fast, making a plan where to go. Maybe it’s nice to go to a place I wasn’t before, so there is a new story to tell … My friend asks: “did you ever visit Cosecha”? No, not me!
I got me some information from the internet to see where the restaurant is located and what kind of food we can expect. Wow, that sounds delicious. Next thing I do is to make a reservation…

From our place in Stellenbosch we drive towards Klapmuts and take the Simondium road. If you never drove here, this is a beautiful wine-land area with lots of wineries and restaurants. It will take me some time to go for tastings everywhere, but I promise I will do my utmost best to write much more reviews. 

On our left is Paarl and the language monument.  The mountain which Paarl is named after, is glowing in the sun. Chatting and enjoying our surroundings we are looking for the road sign: Noble Hill. This is the name of the wine-estate where Cosecha restaurant is located.

Taking the driveway to the estate, we see that the parking spot is almost full and that’s always a good sign! The place looks really inviting and as we found out later, they do have Latin inspired picnics on the lawn where you can sit close to the dam. Surrounded by mountains and lush green it’s not difficult to relax here. My idea of a great summer spot for young people and family with kids.

The restaurant has a very open feeling and is just the perfect place for a nice meal in Paarl’s Mediterranean climate. The overall feeling is South American / Spanish, that goes perfectly with the Latin infused style of cooking. I love the wooden plates and all the pots with plants along the wall…. The food was delicious, colorful, well priced and really something different than what you get at other places. Their guacamole is freshly made at your table and as spicy as you like … Fresh is definitely their keyword!

We walked through the wine tasting room which is also a very inviting place, so I can’t wait to go back to taste some other wines than the lovely Viognier we had with our food. This is definitely a perfect spot to spend some time with friends!

Tips from the Winelands, Western Cape
by Zeelandhuys
October 2015

Restaurant Cosecha
Noble Hill wine estate
Klapmuts – Simondium Rd

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