Wilbur Smith – Blue Horizon

Sometimes it is not only the book that tells a story and makes great memories, but the way that a book finds you is in this case also a good memory.

In the time that we were making plans to move to Africa we spoke to a few people who could tell us more about South-Africa. One of the couples we spoke to have a holiday home in the surroundings of Port Elizabeth. It wasn’t the area where we were looking to settle, but it’s always good to hear stories and experiences … something that was necessary to help us make up our minds.  We met in our favorite Italian restaurant to have dinner.  Enjoying a superb truffle menu and a great Italian (quite expensive) red wine, which was supposedly from the managers parents in law. He recommended this wine highly … So when I got some courage and my husband ordered the second bottle of wine…I asked the manager:” I never knew you had a wife”…He laughed and said…:”No I haven’t, but it doesn’t matter anymore as you have a liking for the wine now!”  He was right…the wine was extremely nice… and he was the kind of guy who was allowed to make jokes like this. It was a great evening and story we’ll never forget….
During this dinner our friend asked us if we had ever read books from Wilbur Smith? He suggested that I started with the book Blue Horizon and so I did……

This novel is a great story about love and hatred…it has everything in it that refers to adventure…and what I liked most is that a great deal of the story plays out  in that part of South Africa where we settled. I love this historic novel that starts at The Cape of Good Hope and  took me on a journey with the Courtney’s.
Reading books like this gives me the feeling that I can almost smell the frangipani, feel the dust of the road on your face, hear the rustle of the dresses … and get that touch of Africa in words that I was longing for.
Blue Horizon was the book that made me decide to buy the whole series … I returned the pocket edition and collected the old hardcovers in different secondhand bookshops.
Now I am writing about it, a feeling is coming over me… that I have to read them all over again.

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