A road of ‘Belgium cobblestones’ leads us through an arcade of greyish blue. The bright August sunlight is making soft long shadows. The road between the blue gum trees is idyllic and very bumpy… I remember a ranger once giving the advice, when we went off-road, lady’s its best to wear a sports-bra!
Never new that wine tastings are nowadays categorized as a sport…

It is Saturday, just an hour before closing time that we booked our wine-tasting. I understood from the very nice Steytler couple, which we met at a party, it was best to make a booking for a winetasting and that was easier said than done.
In the period of the year that we wanted to visit, it is a hectic time in the wine industry with lots of events coming up in South Africa… and it’s not without success that Kaapzicht attends these National and International expo’s…I see from their latest tweet that they received this year a double gold for their Steytler Pentagon 2012 and Pinot Noir at The Michelangelo International Wine & Spirit Awards.

Back to the road leading to the Kaapzicht wine estate … which goes from cobblestone to dirt road, les bumpy if you ask me. Very African and dusty, with at the background its Hills covered by vineyards. That explains the name of the estate ‘Kaapzicht’ meaning Cape view… Cape Town and Table Mountain lying in the far distance.

The Steytler family has been farming here since 1946 and don’t expect a modern interior because this place is not about fancy glittering of stainless steel or shiny glass, art and design. This place is about the honesty of the wine. All their wines are on display in their wood decorated winetasting room. For the one who thinks it’s too early to have a tasting, or has the responsibility of driving the car, Kaapzicht do have their own labeled fabulous grape juice.
It’s quite difficult to make a choice in which wines you want to taste and believe me there are some spectacular wines.

The walls in the tasting room are covered with framed awards. Something they are very proud of and they can be haughty of this beautiful 190 hectare estate on the Bottelary Hills. We sat outside in early spring, enjoying the trees which starting to bloom and the full bodied wines that tasted of ripe red fruits… ending the tasting with an Ice wine.
As far as we know it’s the only estate in South Africa that makes a sweet dessert wine from frozen grapes. Mmmm and it is delicious! The pressing of the frozen grapes is a very slow process…
Like us leaving the farm… very slowly … not wanting to break any bottles of the wine that are supposed to be ageing in our wine rack…

Tips from the Winelands, Western Cape

By Zeelandhuys
Oktober 2015

M23 Bottelary Rd, 
Kuils River,