The new trend of gathering together at a market is a fast growing concept in this part of South Africa, and more and more wine-estates are opening up their gardens for those who love to spend the weekend in a beautiful area. What happened to the days when we invited people on a Sunday afternoon for Sunday’s roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding?
No we all seem to go for easy ‘and preferable quality’ food… fresh from the land and if it’s possible organic.

So yes, we too jump in our car and head of, this time to the Lourensford Estate to visit their Harvest Market. The beauty of nature on this estate is as always overwhelming…mountains, grassland, enormous trees…a water stream where arum lily’s still flower and birds come to lessen their thirst.
We follow the signs pointing out the parking spot, passing the blooming fruit trees on our right and the polo field on our left hand side.

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The weather is nice and we enjoy the short walk to the market. For those who prefer the easy ‘lazy Sunday’ way, they can find a spot on the trailer behind a tractor which commutes between the parking and the market…. While walking we spot some daddy’s playing soccer with the kids on a field just before the market. Live music is playing …for me a bit loud, but joyful I must say.
They covered the market with a horseshoe shape roof, which is quiet convenient for bad weather, or the howling South-Easter wind, but also in the heat of summer to provide some shade!

Zondag Lourensford harvest market

I see some lovely things for sale, which I didn’t spot at other markets. African designed jewelry and clothing, nice woodwork, lots of delicatessen and that what South Africans love most I guess…Food!
I thought it was a bit crowded at the tables and too close to the loud live music, so we decided to walk around a bit. Along the art shops and to the wine tasting room. Enjoying the garden which they were redoing. We are making plans for the future… to visit the restaurant while we are passing the cozy coffee place. I heard through the grapevine that they are making a picnic spot on the lanes and a fresh herb garden. Wow that sounds nice!

Ice cream

We must definitely make time to visit again and ask some friends to join. Summer is coming… best time of the year to scream…Icecream!

Time to go home… and spread the word.
It’s definitely worth to visit this gorgeous wine estate and the Lourensford Harvest Market.

Tips from the Winelands, Western Cape
by Zeelandhuys

Lourensford Harvest Market
Somerset West

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