I dreamed of Africa

Have to go downstairs to get the book that made me decide to go to Africa. Because I know I wrote something in it:

Januari 2003, “Een droom komt uit”.
Ter voorbereiding op onze reis naar Kenia.

As a teenager I was already intrigued by the African continent, but couldn’t dream that I would ever visit it, let alone going to live here. The message in this all may be clear…you and I can fulfill our dreams!

So it may be clear why I start my African Booklist with this book.

It’s the autobiographic story of Kuki Gallmann. 
The story starts in Italy, meeting the love of her life with whom she moves to Kenya. 
It’s a love story but also has her daily life in it, the visitors she gets in the abandoned place they live. 
The Children who can’t stay in the village as they have to have education and go to boarding school, something that is common for Africa’s emigrants. 
She describes the wildlife and nature with a passion that spoke to my heart. 
The hard life, the pain and tragedies she went through are so well written, that there are times that you can’t read further because tears get in the way and trouble your eyesight.
So put a box of tissues next to you and get lost in the world of Kuki Gallmann.

Tips from the Winelands, Western Cape  
by Zeelandhuys